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Ugly Man Get's laid!

how to get laid fast! Date:

From the desk of Matthew 'Ugly Man' Doeing...

Dear Friend,

Last Friday I was out having a couple beers with some buddy's at a local club here in south east Michigan (about 9 miles north of Detroit).

As I casually scanned the club atmosphere I saw a very attractive woman sitting with three semi-attractive friends. Without hesitation, I decided that I wanted to meet her and get her contact information so we could hook up and do something later.

So I got up, told my friends I would be back in a couple minutes and walked over and said a few key words to her. Within 3 minutes she was writing her name, phone number, and email address down for me.

And keep in mind, this was at Luna's, a very popular club in Royal Oak, where she was being hit on all night!

And it was little ole me who got her contact information. Sweet!

It's funny... other guys buy drinks, dance, and make asses of themselves for hours and usually wind up with nothing in these types of situations. But I was able to talk to her and get her contact information almost instantly. Go figure.

I know what you're thinking...

"What did I say to her? How did I do it?"

Honestly, if you would have asked me if this was even possible a few years ago, I would have said "No freakin way."

But now I do it ALL THE TIME! It's second nature.

Fact is, it's not that unusual for me to go out for an afternoon or evening and come home with 3 or 4 phone numbers from attractive, interesting women.

And guess what? It doesn't really matter where I'm at. Whether I'm at the shopping mall, a nightclub like Luna's, or even picking up a few chicken breast at the local market, I still easily meet and greet one woman after another.

And do you want to know something really cool? My techniques work EVEN BETTER in coffee shops, internet cafes, and other so-called 'normal' places.

And let's be perfectly clear...

I am no beauty king! Far from it and I have witnesses to prove it.

I'm not repulsive to the eye but I'm about as 'average' looking as you can get - 5'11", 13 lbs overweight, with a very unspectacular, even boring, face (I do have good hair, though). And up until a few short years ago women, especially attractive ones, never gave me a second glance. Never.

Now...woman approach me!

So what changed in my life that now allows me the luxury to attract, seduce, and satisfy women almost on demand? And what prompted me to write The Ugly Man's Guide To Getting Laid and offer it at such a ridiculously low price?

Well, you can read my true but embarrassing story here but this web page isn't about me - it's about YOU and what The Ugly Man's Guide To Getting Laid can do for you... right now!

With that said I bet you're wondering...

"What will I learn when I crack
open The Ugly Man's Guide?"

Great question! Here's just a small taste...

  • How to create that certain mega confidence that will make you a rock star with the ladies! (Page 21)
  • A dog ugly factory foreman's 3 rules of success... that will bury you in desirable women! (Page 26)
  • how to get laid fast!

  • How my laptop computer got me laid by accident...continuously! And how it will work for you, too. (Page 113)
  • A 'secret' club, in your home town, that will transform you into a man women can't resist! I swear, women will actually APPROACH YOU and DEMAND your undivided attention! (Page 30)
  • Do this simple task before your next night on the town... and increase your chance for romance that by 500%!" (Page 95)
  • How to 'break the ice' with any woman no matter how drop-dead gorgeous she is. (Page 42)
  • Wow! You've made eye contact with a girl..now what? It depends on one key factor! (Page 64)
  • Please don't do this to a woman you don't love! This is pure sexual and emotional power and is like giving milk to a stray cat... she won't go away! (Page 144)
  • The 2 things you MUST know before approaching any woman or risk death by embarrassment! (Page 56)
  • How To pick up a sensational woman in less than 60 seconds! This works 74% of the time (Page 52)
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  • Like magic! This is exactly how you easily capture her phone number and email address. (Page 110)
  • You will learn about Proxemics? If you don't know it you're already in trouble! (Page 116)
  • How to easily impress the hell out of a good woman without sounding like a blowhard! (Page 49)
  • How to gently and covertly 'bend' any conversation with a lovely lady to the direction YOU want it to go! Yes, even to the topic of sex! (Page 49)
  • How to score big with the ladies by checking out men! (Page 68)
  • What you absolutely must NOT do when you first meet a woman! (Page 10)
  • Do you do this at the bar? I did and only got laid after I stopped doing it! (Page 17)
  • The one question you MUST ask yourself before you talk to a woman! (Page 20)
  • Be careful! Once you develop this...you may never sleep alone again! (Page 24)
  • The scientific connection between color and emotion! Hint: Don't get dressed until you read this. (Page 90)
  • A so-simple-it's-stupid way to pick up women while picking out produce? (Page 54)
  • "How 'guilt by association' can explode your sex life... with absolutely no effort by you!" (Page 71)
  • How I scored with numerous women by politely telling them 'NO' to their stupid demands! (Page 38)
  • How to be tagged a 'great communicator' by women...without saying a darn word! (Page 44)
  • How I use the power of a billion dollar corporation's selling techniques to easily guarantee me a date! (Page 46)
  • How to turn a ruthless witch into a kitten... with one dynamite sentence! (Page 104)
  • Get rid of this now! Or you will never have sex again without paying for it! (Page 35)
  • How to use this unique type compliment to ignite her emotional and sexual passions! (Page 60)
  • Simple, inexpensive ways to 'sex-up' your living quarters so she will never want to leave. (Page 75)
  • 4 stupid things men do with their bodies that turn woman off sexually! (Page 78)
  • You will learn the 7 closet erogenous zones that, when touched just right, will cause her to faint with delight! No one else is teaching this! (Page 142)
  • You will learn the right way to massage her body to get what you want. Warning! Continue to massage her wrong and she will grow to hate sex with you! Learn the right way... before it's too late! (Page 35)
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  • How to gain a full inch of length on your 'Johnson' just by doing this! (Page 83)
  • Do this, then this, as soon as you enter the bar and you will not go home alone! (Page 97)
  • How to ignite her sexual desire in you...by saying 'goodbye'! (Page 100)
  • 16 easy ways and 1 secret way to know if she is ready to take you to the next level! (Page 122)
  • A simple nonchalant act you can do today to spark a positive sexual emotion from that special lady. (Page 139)
  • How to perfectly perform this act on her. I guarantee she will have a new found respect for your mouth! (Page 150)
  • How to lose weight and strengthen the 'stiffy' at the same time! It doesn't get any easier than this. (Page 86)
  • "How To Use these rare foreplay secrets before your next love session... and watch as she erupts in pleasure! I swear, you won't recognize her!" (Page 141)
  • You will learn that when you kiss her like this, right there, she may yank your hair out by the roots in passion!
  • Learn your ABC's and she will claw your back bloody in pure pleasure! (Page 151)
  • How to persuade most women to do this 'taboo' act. Even if she said she never would! (Page 156)
  • How to strengthen the mighty PC for maximum and enduring sexual pleasure for you and her! (Page 157)
  • Don't ruin an incredible marathon sexual experience by doing this as soon as you're done. (Page 159)

  • Whoops... almost forgot... I didn't mention the videos...

    Yup, not only will you instantly receive The Ugly Man's Guide To Getting Laid I have also included over 70 videos from some of the top seduction and behavioral experts in the world today. And they are all free to you!

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    Make Love All Night Long How to Make Love All Night Long! (And Drive Your Woman Wild!)!

    Learn the rare secrets to multiple male orgasms and other secrets for extremely long lovemaking sessions!
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    Dating Resources for men The Dating Resource Report

    14 power-packed pages from the top dating experts! How to kiss, how to overcome shyness,  flirting, etc... we got you covered!

    14 pages

    finding the perfect woman  The Comprehensive Guide to Finding Your Perfect Woman

    Discover Amazing Dating Secrets You Can Use to Get Any Beautiful Woman You Want Even If You Are Butt-Ugly, Missing Teeth & Have Struck Out With Every Single Woman You've Ever Approached!

    31 pages

    Romantic Relationships  Romantic Relationships!

    What You Always Wish You Knew about Dating: A Guide to Romantic Relationships!

    99 pages
    dating for shy guys  
    Shy Guy's Guide To Success With Women

    One of the biggest (if not THE biggest) reasons a lot of men have trouble with approaching and 'picking up' women they like is because they are way too nervous to look a girl in the eye, let alone approach her and tell her the way they feel.

    38 pages
    how to get women  Getting The Woman of Your Dreams: A Female Attraction Handbook for Men!

    Discover How to Get Any Woman You Desire 'Even If You're Shy, Unattractive & Out of Shape!

    31 pages
    Mans dating guide  Man's Guide To Success With Women!

    This guide teaches the simple, proven and timeless techniques and strategies that can make any man irresistible to virtually any woman he likes.

    49 pages
    tips from online dating expert  Online Dating Expert Spills All!

    How A Pasty White Computer Nerd Got 14 Hot Dates In 47 Days With The Power Of Online Dating

    50 pages
    Online dating secrets Online Dating Secrets!

    'Discover The Secrets & Unwritten Strategies To Landing Yourself On A Date With Your Dream Lover Come True' Using The Internet!'

    48 pages
    online matchmaking  Guide to Online Dating and Matchmaking!

    If you've ever thought you could use those online dating services you've heard about to find a 'special someone' you were absolutely right. You can! Thousands have and thousands will continue to!

    55 pages

    Online dating bliss Online Dating Bliss In 5 Simple Steps - Pamela Troemml

    Online dating is not all fun and games and there are a lot of things that a person has to know about online dating before one gets into the intricacies of it. Online dating may seem to be the simplest thing in the world but it is not.

    51 pages
    dating tips Handbook For Dating Ideas

    Short report that will give you several good ideas for a unique dating experience!

    6 pages
    free dating advice Great First Date Ideas!

    Ok, you scored that big first date! Congratulations... but now what? What do you do? Where do you go? Relax! This 12 page report will give you some awesome ideas!

    12 pages
    The Complete Idiot's Guide To Amazing Sex! The Complete Idiot's Guide To Amazing Sex!

    The title of the one tells it all! Over 800 downloadable pages of smoking hot sex techniques!

    810 pages

    Online dating tips for seniors Online Dating For Senior Citizens

    This may or may not apply to you but if you're over 60 and looking to score - you need this!

    60 pages
    Players guide to Getting women Players Guide To Picking Up Women!

    As the author of this book, I believe nice guys can finish first. But, they just have to change their approach with women.

    I'll show you how!

    47 pages
    signs of attraction Signs of Attraction!

    A good add on to The Ugly Man's Guide. Here's how to tell if a woman is serious about you! Eye contact, posture, body language, etc... its all covered here.

    10 pages
    The Art of Dating
    The Art of Dating

    The Art of Dating will tell you how to get the date you want and then how to make sure both you and your date have a really good time.

    126 pages

    Succeed with women without trying How to Succeed With Women (Without Really Trying) - The Dastards Guide To The Birds And The Bees - by Shepherd Mead

    This is a freakin classic! In How To Succeed With Women, Shepherd Mead, "the Machiavelli of the Boudoir," tells you all that you need to know (and as much as we dare to print) about being irresistible to women.

    66 pages

    Are you kidding me? All this for only $17?

    There is NO catch! $17 is the price, at least for a few more days, and with my 8 Week, 100% Money Back Guarantee... you have ZERO risk!

    Frankly, at this price, you would need to be clinically brain dead NOT to order right now!

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    • Yes, Matt! Please rush through my order for the The Ugly Man's Guide To Getting Laid! I understand all your 'get laid' secrets on how to attract, seduce, and satisfy women are available to me instantly.

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